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Order books are open!

This has been a very difficult summer around the trading post. I don’t need to get into details, but unfortunately I had to turn away custom orders and a lot of work for the shop. However, things have gotten straightened out, and I am proud to announce that I am open again for custom orders! […]

Forager’s Corner: Welcome, and Soaproot

Welcome to the first edition of Forager’s Corner. Starting on a monthly basis, and possibly growing to weekly, Forager’s Corner will provide fascinating information about useful plants native to California. You will be helped to locate, identify, harvest, and use each featured plant. This month, we’re talking about soaproot (chlorogalum pomeridianum). While there are five […]

Coming soon, Forager’s Corner: wild plant information by I.B. Nelson!

I recently spoke with my good friend, I.B. Nelson, about writing articles about plants native to California. He knows just about every plant in the state by their botanical names, and he is my go-to guy anytime I see a “mystery plant” growing wild. As he has time, he will post a brief article about […]