Here’s how trading works:

  1. Fill in the form below, or email pictures of your items to me, along with a brief description of each, to
  2. I review the items, and provide you with an estimate of their trade value.
  3. If you find the estimate acceptable, you ship your items to me.
  4. Once I have inspected the items you’ve shipped, I issue trade credit, which you can use with your next order, if you so choose. I will keep account of your available credit, and provide a statement at your request.
  5. To use your credit: A coupon code is issued in the amount of your trade credit. Use the code at checkout to have your cart discounted that amount. The code may only be used once. If a balance remains, you will receive a new code with the value of the remaining balance in your email. The codes do not expire. For security purposes, your code will be tied to the email address that the code is sent to. Please use this email address at checkout. Trade Credit cannot be used on certain new items.

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The store is currently closed. Any orders that have been placed before 4/11/2019 have been shipped. Any questions, please email