Trade Items Wanted

Note: This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list. If you have something else you’d like to trade, please let us see it!

Also note: Prices given are a ballpark range per item, to give you an idea of the credit you’ll receive. Your amount may differ.

Also also note: Prices are for STORE CREDIT ONLY. I do not currently purchase items for cash, except in special situations (i.e. I really really want it for myself).

Now! The list!

Regular items (things I always want for the shop):

  • Furs and hides (tanned only, I currently don’t have facilities to store or process green hides) $5-100
  • Animal skulls, bone, claws, teeth, etc. $0.50-$50
  • Antler and horn $0.50-$5/lb
  • Blank ferro rods: 1/4″ diameter, 3″ length minimum $0.75-$5
  • Leather $1-$5/square foot
  • Knives $1-$50
  • Axes, hatchets, other edged tools $1-$25
  • Black powder guns and shooting supplies $1-$200
  • Heavy canvas, including military surplus bags $0.50-$3/square foot
  • Wood (interesting pieces that could be used for knife scales and other crafts) $varies
  • Large chunks of fatwood $0.25-$1/lb, depending on length
  • Stone, including flint, obsidian, petrified wood $0.50-$10/lb
  • Hunting items, especially old, native, handmade, or primitive-style
  • Horse tack and supplies
  • blacksmithing tools
  • Rustic home decor items
  • Vintage fishing tackle
  • Books related to primitive living, bushcraft, basic skills, homesteading, farming, hunting, etc

Special items (looking for specific items for myself or a customer):

  • Horse skull
  • Tanned badger hide, XL, A grade
  • Drawknife
  • Froe
  • Anvil (a large block of tool steel or a piece of railroad track will work)
  • 1973-1993 Dodge Diesel pickup, 4×4, extended cab, prefer manual transmission (yeah…I doubt it…but a guy can dream!)

All items must be legal to possess and sell in the state of California. Dog’s Day Trading Post has the final decision over what items will be accepted.

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The store is currently closed. Any orders that have been placed before 4/11/2019 have been shipped. Any questions, please email