Manzanita Chunks


Product Description

Large chunk of dead dry manzanita. Great for carving, making knife scales, or a gorgeous rustic decoration in your home. Cut from bushes responsibly harvested for fire abatement, blown down, or standing dead manzanita wood that grows in the gorgeous woods of Northern California. With beautiful reds, oranges, and blacks, this will be great for any project you have. Because this is a natural product, some cracking may be present which adds to its character. No 2 pieces are alike. Manzanita is a very hard wood, which cracks easily and has many voids within it, even if there is no sign of them from outside. If you are using your piece as decoration, please inform me in your order notes, so an interesting specimen can be chosen for you. Otherwise, a random piece will be selected, which may be split or uninteresting. Approximately 8 inches long by 5 inches in diameter. Untreated and not stabilized.


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