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Order books are open!

This has been a very difficult summer around the trading post. I don’t need to get into details, but unfortunately I had to turn away custom orders and a lot of work for the shop. However, things have gotten straightened out, and I am proud to announce that I am open again for custom orders! […]

New Gear Clarifications…

Hi all, I just wanted to give everyone some information about the new products coming soon. Mostly logistical information. First off, shipping. In the beginning, most of the items won’t be stocked here at the Trading Post, as I currently don’t have the disposable capital to keep them on the shelves, waiting for a sale. […]

More good stuff coming soon!

I’m currently working with a supplier to help me build up stock for the Trading Post. Stay tuned, because if all works out, I’ll soon be selling knives from Mora, Condor, Cold Steel, Becker, and others, as well as cookware and other camping and bushcraft goodies! Check the shop often over the next few weeks […]