The Trading Post


Sign on a fur shop in Anchorage, AK, 2009

In the days of the mountain man and the fur trade, trading posts served not only as an outlet for trappers and natives to trade their furs for provisions, but they also were a source for news and information. Dog’s Day is designed to bring those days to the modern world, not only by trading with our customers, but by providing useful information through articles and blog posts. While there isn’t a forum (and probably won’t be, there are many bushcraft and outdoors related forums available, why muddy the waters with one more?), visitors will be able to share related information by contacting me, or by commenting on relevant posts.

Why trade?

Why trade, when you could just buy? While purchasing outright is an available option, I believe it’s both more helpful and more fun to trade. Both you and I get items we need, without an extra step. Not only that, but it’s a great opportunity to get new items while getting rid of something you no longer use.

The store is currently closed. Any orders that have been placed before 4/11/2019 have been shipped. Any questions, please email