• Is this another prepper/survivalist store/are you a prepper/survivalist?
    No. Well, sort of. Not really. I’m not sure. While many of the items in the store and information in the articles can be applied to prepping and survivalism, it is not specifically aimed toward that. Survivalism, by standard definition, is temporarily living in a dangerous situation while waiting for rescue/finding a way out. Bushcraft (or whatever you want to call it) is more “thriving” in the woods, not necessarily trying to escape.
    As far as me being a prepper, not really. I have my 3-day pack, plus a few extra provisions and things like that. I don’t have an underground bunker packed full of guns and MRE’s, nor do I plan for a zombie uprising. I am prepared for the type of disaster situations most likely to effect my area, for example, wildfires. I have a few places my wife and I can stay that are well out of the area, for the duration of any evacuation.
  • I’d love to come in and poke around, where are you located?
    Currently, I don’t have a brick and mortar location where customers can come and browse. At this stage with the business, it isn’t financially feasible. However, I do periodically have booths in craft shows, flea markets, fairs, and you’ll occasionally see me pop up with a roadside stand. Keep an eye on the calendar as well as my Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media pages. If you’re just curious where I live and work, it’s in western Nevada County, California.
  • Why do some items ship right away, while others take 2 weeks (or more) until I get them?
    Many items are kept in stock, or are easy to make quickly, with one to two day turnaround. Others, such as certain animal parts and hides, are not kept in stock in my storage space, but are acquired after an order is received. As I build this business, I will be able to keep more stock in-house (literally), however it’s not currently financially possible. Any product not kept in stock, including made-to-order or custom products, are specifically stated as such in its description.
  • Can you make or find me (item)?
    Probably! I do take custom orders, which would include finding or acquiring items or materials (such as specific animal hides), legal to possess in the state of California. I pride myself on being able to find or re-create hard-to-find items. If I am unable to personally make your item, I will do my best to find someone who can, and either have that person make it for you, or put you in contact with them. If I can’t find the product you desire, I will let you know as soon as I am aware, and refund any deposit you may have paid.
  • You sell furs? It’s the 21st century, don’t you know that’s cruel?
    Many of the furs, bones, and other animal products I offer for sale came from animals that were trapped and killed as a nuisance, culled as part of a responsible herd management program, or were taken from an animal harvested for food. As stewards of the land, humans have the responsibility that if an animal is going to be killed, every part possible should be used. To do anything else would be disrespectful both to the animal, and to life.
  • Are your handmade items made with all natural materials?
    While I strive to use primarily natural materials in my handmade items, I put higher priority on recycling used items and materials in order to keep them out of landfills. This means that in many cases man-made materials may be used. While items made with man-made materials are usually specified as such, if you require a custom made item using only natural materials (for historical reenactments, etc), please contact us to discuss it.
  • Is this/that item a historically accurate reproduction?
    While many of my handmade items are made using similar methods and materials to the item they are based on, I won’t pretend that they’re completely accurate to what was used and made hundreds of years ago. I do use power tools (primarily saws and drills), as well as commercially available glues and plastics. I try to use primitive materials and tools wherever possible, but sometimes it just makes more sense to use modern materials. I try to provide details on the materials used in all of my handmade items.
  • Do you buy or sell artifacts?
    NO. While I am interested in archaeology, I do not condone or participate in the sale of artifacts. I believe that such items belong in museums, or in the hands of the collector who found them in a legal and ethical way. If you desire to “get rid” of such artifacts, I can put you in contact with someone who can ensure it gets where it belongs.
  • Do you take custom orders?
    Yes, I do! See here for details.
  • Do you offer discounts for teachers, instructors, and for bulk packs? What about wholesale?
    I do! Some items have the bulk prices laid out for them, others I will need to be contacted in order to put together your bulk/classroom pack. The same goes for wholesale.
  • Do you take purchase orders (PO’s)?
    In some cases, such as well-established commercial customers, I will take a purchase order. My standard terms are NET 15, but will work with the right customer.

The store is currently closed. Any orders that have been placed before 4/11/2019 have been shipped. Any questions, please email dogsdaytradingpost@gmail.com