New Gear Clarifications…

Hi all, I just wanted to give everyone some information about the new products coming soon. Mostly logistical information.

First off, shipping. In the beginning, most of the items won’t be stocked here at the Trading Post, as I currently don’t have the disposable capital to keep them on the shelves, waiting for a sale. Therefore, when those items are purchased, they may ship directly to you from the supplier. If you also are buying items that I keep in stock (and not sold by the supplier, such as a flint striker or used knife), there will be an additional shipping charge, as there will be two packages coming from multiple locations. However, I intend on making periodic orders from this supplier, to build up my stock in hand. So if you don’t mind waiting a couple extra weeks for your gear, I can get everything here, and ship together in one package. This also would be the most economical option if you order something custom or handmade to order. Orders that are exclusively “supplier-stocked” items will only have one shipping charge.

Another thing to keep in mind is, Trade Credit can’t be used to purchase certain new manufactured items. The reason for this is cost. Some items have a fairly high cost to me, that I can’t absorb out of my pocket. I am, however, willing to offer a partial trade for these items. Where this is the case, it will specifically say so in the item’s listing,  “Partial Trade OK.” If you are interested in a partial trade for an item, contact me and I will discuss how much credit I am willing to put toward the item. Also, Trade Credit can’t be applied to the more expensive consigned items, listings of which will say “Sorry, no trades.”

Thanks everyone for your understanding.