Coming soon, Forager’s Corner: wild plant information by I.B. Nelson!


I recently spoke with my good friend, I.B. Nelson, about writing articles about plants native to California. He knows just about every plant in the state by their botanical names, and he is my go-to guy anytime I see a “mystery plant” growing wild. As he has time, he will post a brief article about a specific native plant and its uses, focusing on edible and medicinal plants.

What I.B. will be discussing:

Names, including botanical and common names of each plant.

Physical description of the plant, including photographs and/or original drawings as available.

Uses, be they medicinal, edible, tools, dyes, etc.*

Distribution of the plant, including types of area where you may find it.

Availability of useful portions throughout the year.

*Please note: these articles are for informational purposes ONLY. Neither I.B. Nelson or Dog’s Day Trading Post will take any responsibility for what you choose to do with the information made available on this site. While the information provided will be accurate to the best of our knowledge and research, the reader is responsible for his or her own personal safety. Always be sure of what you’re doing, and if you’re not, bring someone with you who is more experienced.